Underarm Sweat Pads: Do They Work?

Underarm sweat can be an embarrassing issue for anyone, especially if you're sweating too much in a public or professional setting where eyes will be on you. Being the butt of someone else's joke is never fun, and sometimes deodorants and antiperspirants just won't prevent the sweat. However, one antiperspirant product has risen to popularity in recent years: underarm sweat pads.

The goal of these pads is to stick under the arm and either absorb or prevent sweat entirely. Sounds great, right? Well, that may not be so, and today we're going to take a look at underarm sweat pads to see how well they really work.

Do They Really Work?

Most sweat pads are made completely of cotton, although some will have a vinyl lining along the back for extra protection. The pads are generally lined with adhesive, and are meant to stick to your underarms, although a few reusable models have straps and can be worn like undergarments.

The good news about these pads is that for the most part they really do work. Although it isn't a perfect solution, the pads can stop most of the sweat in your underarms from getting into your shirt. However, as with most things, there's a catch.

The pads will usually work when they actually stay in place, but that's not always the case. The adhesive pads can fall off in some cases and get stuck inside your shirt, or fall out if your shirt is untucked. Needless to say, this would be even more embarrassing than just having some small sweat stains. If you use the strapped versions, they are more likely to stay in place, but can still shift around and need to be adjusted. Not only that, but the straps can show through your shirt, drawing some looks in your direction.

Are They Worth It?

Really, this is for you to decide. But, before you do, there are some other things to consider about sweat pads before you make a decision. Besides their functional drawbacks, they can also have some quality of life issues you should be aware of. Many people can find the pads to be very uncomfortable and even cause rashes. Plus, nobody wants to apply and then rip off a giant adhesive bandage the size of their armpit every day. It just doesn't feel good, and you might lose some hairs.

There can also be some social issues around wearing these pads, even when they don't fall off and out of your shirt. Dating and intimacy might not be a great idea when you have to explain to your partner why you're wearing strapped underwear or giant white bandages under your arms.


All in all, underarm sweat pads are a great way to reduce the sweat stains in your armpits, but maybe only in theory. The pads do technically work, and as long as they stay applied it's unlikely that any noticeable sweat stains will appear on your underarms, although they may not always stay put like they're supposed to. Besides that, the pads can make socializing and dating awkward, which is exactly what they're meant to prevent. In the end, it's up to you to decide whether or not underarm sweat pads are worth it, and find the right sweat solution for you.