Duradry 3-Step System

• Our top 3 formulas combined for non-stop sweat relief
• Achieve full dryness in one week or less
• Natural ingredients approved by dermatologists
• Supply lasts up to 8 weeks

Choose Duradry AM Fragrance
Barça Aqua Marine & Flowers
Barça Aqua Marine & Flowers
Clear Sky Leafy Green & Light Vanilla
End game Leather & Sandalwood
Limitless Grapefruit & Sweet Musk
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Unbelievable Protection

No wonder it is our bestseller. It consistently delivers the best results for our users.

These 3 products attack the sweat and odor problem from three different angles. Leaving no chance for failure.

Duradry PM will work while you sleep to minimize the sweat your underarms can produce. Duradry AM will make sure you are fully protected from sweat and odor during the day. And Duradry Wash will deodorize your skin and prime it for Duradry PM and AM, so these can perform to their full potential.

These three products were formulated with you in mind. To give you maximum sweat control and protect you from unwanted odors. Tested and approved by dermatologists, and formulated with natural ingredients.

Duradry AM: Aluminum Zirconium Trichlorohydrex Glycine, Hydrogenated Castor Oil*, Stearyl Alcohol*, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride*, Cetyl Palmitate*, Triethyl Citrate*, Maranta Arundinacea Root Extract*, Caprylyl Glycol*, Ethylhexylglycerin*, Neopentyl Glycol Diheptanoate*, Isododecane, Sodium Caproyl/Lauroyl Lactyl Lactate, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Oil*, Fragrance.

* 75% of the formula comes from naturally derived ingredients.

Duradry PM:Aluminum chloride Hexahydrate, Aqua*, Propylene Glycol, Xanthan Gum*, Sodium Bicarbonate*, Disodium EDTA, Salicylic Acid*.

* 70% of the formula comes from naturally derived ingredients.

Duradry Wash: Water*, Glycerin*, Cocamidopropyl Betaine*, Coco-glucoside*, Disodium Lauroamphodiacetate, panthenol*, Polyquaternium-7, Camellia Sinensis (green tea) Leaf Extract*, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Peel Oil*, Menthol*, Disodium EDTA, Polysorbate-20, Citric acid*, DMDM Hydantoin, Phenoxyethanol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Avocado Oil*, Grapefruit Seed Extract*, Olive Leaf Extract*, Fragrance.

* 90% of the formula comes from naturally derived ingredients.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 590 reviews
Actually Awesome

Okay so I'm a normal PERSON i have always been sweaty. I go to high school and I've always wanted to wear the cute tighter long sleeves but haven't been able to without having ugly pit stains the size of a basketball down my sides. Like bro that's so gross. I'd always wear a sweater over it but worst thing is when I sweat through the sweater. Anyways moral of the story I haven't sweat since I got it besides for when I wore a grey tight shirt at the gym and I had a small little pit stain on my right pit which was funny but it was so tiny. I waited a week to write my review before I got to excited but it's still working even after I waited the 4 days to put on the serum so yay! I recoment! Try it!

Amazing Product

I am so thankful to have found this product especially with the warmer weather just around the corner. This product has dramatically reduced sweating and odor even in the warmest temperatures. I don't have to worry about sweat marks (even in a light gray shirt in 70 degree weather with 40% humidity. And it's only going to get hotter.) It's dramatically helped my confidence in public as well. I will say that it took about 3 days of consistent use for it to start working and by the 4th day I was good to go. Thank you Duradry!

Do it…just do it!

I don’t write reviews. Ever. But this stuff works! I have always struggled and found it hard to find a deodorant that was effective. I saw full results in only THREE days. So if you’re scrolling through reviews and debating…just do it!


This stuff is a miracle! It keeps me dry all day! I work at a warehouse and felt uncomfortable with my sweaty armpits! But Duradry gave me confidence! I’m in love with the results!

Wow wow wow

Let me just start by saying these products have changed my life and confidence is thru the roof bc of it. I am 25 years old and have been dealing with hyperhydrosis since puberty (over 10 years) when I say I have tried EVERYTHING.. I’ve gone to the dermatologist countless times and NOTHING has ever worked. Even the prescription strength sweat wipes. And also I’ve tried duradry before but did not use as directed (skipping steps) and I was not satisfied. So my last resort was to have surgery just to get the glands removed. Something told me to try duradry again after reading reviews and it has been the best decision I have ever made. Within a week my life has really changed. I never knew how much my confidence was affected until now. My biggest advice is to use the products as directed and I am positive you will see results. I know this review is long but I feel really inclined to give my honest opinion. I am still shocked and just hope the affects doesn’t wear off. Thank you duradry!

Great product

I struggled with hyperhidrosis so badly that I would only wear black shirts but since I started using these products I’m not able to wear other colored shirts.

It works!

No joke, after one day my sweating was almost entirely eliminated. I used to sweat through two layers and a dress shield within 30 minutes of getting dressed. On the first day of using duradry, I had no sweat. This stuff is a miracle!

I am shook.

I have been a victim of sweaty pits my ENTIRE life. I've tried countless brands of deodorant including prescription strength and nothing has helped the excessive sweating and the smell. UNTIL NOW. This is hands down the best product I have ever used. And it's actually affordable. I am so grateful to be able to wear light color shirts again and form fitting outfits. You guys LITERALLY changed my life.


I have tried everything! This is the first product that actually works! Keeps me dry and love all the scents. Normally any other deodorant makes me break out and itchy. Duradry never has. I use the three step system.

Jazmine McGowan

What happen to the old blue and white 3 step system why did it change into the red 3 step system it smells like men deodorant I like the old one better

Frequently asked questions

If you are fighting excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis, then yes; Duradry is for you!

Our users usually notice changes after the first application!

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