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Our Story

Hey there!

I'm the founder of Duradry, and I've got a quick story for you.

It all started because I was fed up with sweating more than I wanted and not finding a real solution.

Natural deodorants? Of course, I tried them. They sound awesome until you realize they don't keep the sweat or smell away for long.

And feeling damp all day? No thanks.

Then you have the big brands you see everywhere—Old Spice, Secret, Dove, you name it. They are kind of okay against sweat but don't quite hit the mark.

And the ingredients list? Full of stuff I don't want on my skin, nasty chemicals that are bad for the environment and your body, like Cyclopentasiloxane, talc, colorants, petrolatum, BHT, polyethylene, and many others.

I thought, "Why not make something better myself?" And boom, Duradry was born.

We're here to shake things up. We pair natural and powerful clinical ingredients to keep you dry and smelling good all day. We pick the best stuff for our products, from the packaging to what's inside, making sure everything is top-notch.

So, if you're looking for something that actually works and is good for you, welcome to Duradry.

Let's tackle this sweat thing together!


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