Have you been diagnosed with excessive sweating, also referred to as hyperhidrosis? It's an embarrassing problem that can leave sweat marks, pit stains, and an underarm odor. If you've suffered from profuse sweating, you might look online for excessive sweating cures and ways to eliminate sweating.

MiraDry and Botox offer excessive sweating cure treatments. Let's explore these treatment options and their side effects:


Maybe you experienced teenage sweating growing up or you have social anxiety sweating. You may have heard about MiraDry online when you looked up how to stop sweating.

MiraDry is a non-invasive treatment used to permanently eliminate underarm sweat glands, hair, and odor. After local anesthesia is administered, electromagnetic energy neutralizes the glands to stop odor and sweat. Patients may only need two treatments, but there are side effects.

MiraDry Side Effects

A WSJ article found that "MiraDry, in addition to reducing sweat volume, kills apocrine glands, which cause odor, and damages hair follicles, resulting in sparser armpit hair..." Patients have noted that after the procedure, their underarms were swollen and tender for about a week. In some cases, they experienced softball-sized lumps under their arms that doctors treated with steroids.

Side effects from MiraDry can include:

  • Mild side effects include severe swelling and discomfort of the treatment area lasting for about a week.

  • Rare side effects include numbness and tingling in the treated area lasting for several months.

  • Severe side effects include permanently destroyed nerve cells, severe infections, permanent numbness and tingling, permanent skin damage, loss of the use of the treated arm and fingers, and paralysis.

A patient in one study had muscle weakness in one arm, which improved after six months. Another patient found numbness in their arm, citing:

"The procedure itself was virtually painless EXCEPT one instance which was extremely painful and alarming. I'm convinced it damaged the Ulnar nerve in my right arm. I have a constant numb tingling soreness."

To avoid side effects like these, Duradry can help. As the best deodorant for hyperhidrosis, all it takes is one application to see the difference.

Now let's look at Botox treatments for excessive sweating and its side effects:


Do you sweat before a test or prior to meetings? Have you ever wondered how to stop anxiety sweating? If you've looked up anxiety sweating treatment online, you might see information on Botox. Botox is used for excessive sweating and anxiety sweating.

Botox is a botulinum toxin injected to relax area sweat muscles. Up to 15 injections may be administered during the procedure to temporarily block secretions of chemicals that control sweat glands. Treatments may last up to six months.

Botox Side Effects

Do your hands sweat? Maybe you are looking for a palmar hyperhidrosis cure or a plantar hyperhidrosis cure. You've probably looked up home remedies for sweating and are considering Botox.

While Botox side effects are usually mild, in some cases, the side effects can be severe and life-threatening.

Side effects from Botox can generally include:

  • Mild side effects include pain, redness, itching, and bleeding at the injection site and sweating elsewhere.

  • Rare side effects include sore throats, fevers, headaches, neck and back pain, flu symptoms, double or blurred vision, drooping eyelids, allergic reactions, and hoarseness.

  • Severe side effects include trouble speaking, loss of bladder control, frequent urination, breathing problems, paralysis, trouble with swallowing, seizures, blindness, heart problems, paralysis, and even death.

Because side effects can be permanent, don't risk it. If you want the best deodorant to stop excessive sweating or for an anxiety sweating cure, let Duradry help.

A prescription-strength antiperspirant, Duradry is a hyperhidrosis cure. You'll never have to worry about removing yellow pit stains from your shirts again. You'll have proven results after just one application.

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