Sweating through your shirt can be embarrassing, plus it’s bad for your clothes because constant sweat marks will ruin the fabric.

If you experience this, you’re not alone. More people suffer from excessive sweating than from psoriasis or peanut allergies. So it’s common, but that doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable.

To investigate how people manage the discomfort and awkwardness of sweat stains and sweaty armpits, we conducted a survey of over 250 people who suffer from excessive sweating. We asked them how their condition influences their clothing and personal hygiene choices.

Here are just some of the insights we learned:

> Over 93% of respondents reported that they cannot always wear the clothes they want due to their excessive underarm sweat.

> More than 87% of respondents said they change their clothes at least once a day due to their sweating problem. Over half of those said they change their clothes at least twice a day.

> Nearly 98% of excessive sweaters report showering at least twice a day.

> 96% of respondents said they prefer to wear dark-colored clothing because it helps hide their armpit sweat.

The conclusion here is clear: Your excessive sweating problem can lead you to adapt the kinds of clothing you wear, and it can also dictate what you do and don’t do with your day.

(If you sweat so much that you need to always plan for multiple showers, you’re not going to be comfortable making last-minute plans or staying longer at a party or work event.)

Unfortunately, when people try to stop sweating through their shirt, they’re often misguided by “life hacks” that don’t actually solve the sweating problem — but instead just try to hide it.

In this post, we look at how Duradry’s 3-step system is used by many people to keep their underarms (and their shirts) dry. But first, let’s quickly explain why you’re likely to be sweating so much, and what solutions won’t work to keep you dry.

Why Are You Sweating Through Your Shirts?

There are several reasons why you may be sweating excessively, ranging from diet to an increase in activity, to an underlying infection.

But if you’re constantly sweating uncontrollably through your clothes — and even sweating a lot when you’re simply sitting down — then you may have hyperhidrosis.*

There are two types of hyperhidrosis — primary focal and secondary hyperhidrosis. 

  • Primary focal hyperhidrosis means there is no apparent reason for your excessive sweating. It doesn’t have to do with body temperature or mood or age. It’s just that your sweat glands produce more sweat than others.
  • Secondary hyperhidrosis means your sweating problem is caused by something else, such as a side effect of a medication.

But here’s the kicker: when you have hyperhidrosis, then common solutions (or life hacks) to keep you dry simply won’t work. These might include:

  • Cutting down on caffeine
  • Avoiding alcohol
  • Avoiding spicy foods
  • Meditating
  • Showering more often
  • Wearing more breathable fabrics
  • Wearing wicking undershirts
  • Wearing baggy clothes (something several of those surveyed reported doing)

Some of these solutions, such as cutting back on caffeine and alcohol, or meditating, are positive lifestyle changes you can make. But they won’t stop your excessive sweating.

Others are simply designed to hide sweaty armpits. None of them get to the root of the problem.

* If you haven’t yet, we recommend you visit a dermatologist — or another medical professional — to make sure your sweating problem isn’t a sign of a more serious issue.

Introducing Duradry’s 3-Step System for Excessive Sweating

I used to sweat through shirts every day, and I developed Duradry because I was disappointed in the different hyperhidrosis treatments available for people like me.

This started when I was a young teenager, and I have tried all kinds of treatments over the course of my life — from home remedies to prescription antiperspirants to painful Botox injections.

I wanted a solution that was affordable, effective, pain-free, and would work for the long term. (If you have hyperhidrosis, then you need a long-term solution, as this is a life-long condition.)

After much research and testing, I developed Duradry’s simple 3-step system.

Here’s how it works.

Step One: Apply Duradry PM before You Go to Bed

Duradry PM is a gel antiperspirant that uses Aluminum Chloride as its active ingredient.

Aluminum Chloride is one of the most effective Aluminum compounds available to prevent sweat. This is because it's a smaller compound that will get deeper into your pores to better block sweat production.

(When your perspiration encounters Aluminum Chloride, it turns into an Aluminum salt that temporarily plugs your sweat ducts, working like a dam to keep your skin dry.)

You apply Duradry PM’s unscented gel right before you go to bed. (Applying it before bed is strategic — now the active ingredient can start working while you’re less likely to sweat.)

Most of our customers only need to apply Duradry PM only 2-3 times a week.

Step Two: Use Duradry Wash when You Shower

Plenty of hyperhidrosis topical treatments only use one product — a single antiperspirant. But this isn’t good enough. You want to make sure your antiperspirant is coming into full contact with your affected skin area.

This is why we include Duradry Wash in our 3-step system.

Duradry Wash is packed full of natural ingredients, helping you to clean your pores of any residue (from deodorants or antiperspirants, or soaps) and oils and bacteria. This process helps the active ingredients of both Duradry PM and AM work more effectively because they aren’t blocked from reaching your sweat ducts.

Step Three: Apply Duradry AM in the Morning

Every morning when you start your day you can apply Duradry AM. Duradry AM is an extra-strong antiperspirant-deodorant.

Duradry AM uses another effective, FDA-approved Aluminum compound — Aluminum Zirconium Trichlorohydrex Gly (20%) — to give you another robust layer of daily sweat protection.

By using Duradry PM, Duradry Wash, and Duradry AM together, 97% of our customers have reported achieving full dryness within a week. If you’re ready to see the kind of difference Duradry can make to your day, click here to get started.

Josh Used Duradry to Stop Sweating through His Shirts

A headshot of Joshua Valdez

We recently spoke with one of our customers, Josh Valdez, who was able to successfully treat his sweating problem with Duradry. Josh is now in his early twenties, but he has been dealing with hyperhidrosis since he was around twelve years old.

He has faced bullying from schoolmates and experienced low self-esteem because of his excessive sweating.

Like the people who answered our survey, Josh stuck to black shirts to help hide his pit stains, and couldn't wear dress shirts to high school dances or other formal events. In fact, he avoided many of those events altogether.

Josh tried every over-the-counter solution he could find, before moving on to prescription antiperspirants like Drysol. Unfortunately, the prescription antiperspirants he tried — while being somewhat effective — led to painful rashes.

Before he found Duradry, he had resigned himself to a life of heavy sweating. But after using Duradry for just three days, he miraculously noticed he wasn’t sweating through his clothes.

“For the first time in my life, my sweating problem is under control,” Josh told us. “I can wear what I want in public. I’m more confident at work. I’m more excited to do things.”

To read Josh’s full story, check out our blog post: How Josh Overcame Excessive Sweating and Changed His Life.

Here are some other comments from our customers about how Duradry has improved their life (and made it easier to wear the clothes they want to wear).

  • Duradry has been amazing so far! By decreasing how much I sweat, it has made me feel more comfortable and more confident in my clothes. For the first time, I am able to wear colors other than black without having to wear a sweater over my shirts and dresses. As a busy mom, I have enough to worry about, so not having to worry about excessive sweating is awesome!”
  • “Duradry has changed my life. I've never felt so confident!!! I’ve struggled with sweating since I was a child in middle school and never wore anything but a black t-shirt, so as not to show sweat. Thanks to Duradry I can wear whatever I want!!”
  • “I can wear whatever clothing I want without having to worry about getting sweat marks and being judged in public. I no longer have to apply deodorant four times a day and keep changing my shirts. It has helped my anxiety tremendously.”
  • “Duradry has helped to control not only my hyperhidrosis but the body odor and stains that come from excessive sweating as well. Thanks to Duradry, I can expand my wardrobe and feel confident raising my arms.”

Final Thoughts: Keeping Your Shirts (and Your Body) Dry

Sweating through your shirt is an embarrassing problem that many of us suffer through before we find a solution that works. But instead of focusing on short-term hacks or items that hide your sweat (like a sweat-proof undershirt), you can block the sweat at its source.

While excessive sweating can sometimes feel overwhelming, remember you’re not alone. It’s a common condition, and it is treatable with the right products. You can try our simple 3-step system now for just $20, which has helped countless people — just like Josh — change their life.

By using Duradry PM, Duradry Wash, and Duradry AM together, 97% of our customers have reported achieving full dryness within a week. If you’re ready to see the kind of difference Duradry can make to your day, get started right away.