The first thing that ordinary people overlook is that those with excessive sweating are suffering. Hyperhidrosis is an uncomfortable condition that affects self-esteem and the way those affected relate to society.

So the most important thing you should know is that many of those people are looking for empathy. Do not look or talk about them in a derogatory way, because in the end, they are not guilty of their condition.

Here are some things you probably didn't know about that friend who is always complaining about sweat.

  1. Contrary to what many may think, people suffering from hyperhidrosis are excessively careful with their personal hygiene. They usually take more than once shower a day and are very rigorous with their cleaning.
  2. They can´t control when or how much they will sweat on each occasion.
  3. They always have the air conditioning as cold as possible even if the weather does not require it. They are trying to regulate body temperature.
  4. People with Hyperhidrosis always have a little towel and extra deodorant with them.
  5. Women can be unsuccessffuly putting makeup on their sweaty face.
  6. Socks. Sometimes, 2 pairs of socks, are always a necessary garment for a person who has wet feet from excess sweat. Don't be surprised if you see your friend in summer with 2 pairs of socks on.
  7. Sometimes their hair could be always wet because their head sweat faster than the blow dryers dries.
  8. They are usually people who experience a lot of anxiety in public. So if you can avoid an embarrassing situation, help them!
  9. Don't give or talk them about personal care products. They have surely already tried and know all the brands.
  10. Many of the people who suffer from hyperhidrosis are so embarrassed by their condition that they even feel sorry to go to the doctor for help.

If you know someone who is suffering from excessive sweating, help them find the courage to seek help from a professional. Most of the time the problem is solved simply with a good antiperspirant and a change in lifestyle.

Other times, hyperhidrosis may be the underlying consequence of another treatable disease.