Duradry Sweat-delaying Rice Paper

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• Protect your face from embarrassing sweat beads.
• Provides mattifying effect that lasts for hours.
• Invisible application.
• All-natural: rice starch + kaolin clay.
• Preservative-free, Talc-free
• 50 sheets per pack


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
John Guarin
Highly recommended!

Duradry Sweat-delaying Rice Paper is all-natural, made with rice starch and kaolin clay. Plus, it's preservative-free and talc-free, so you don't have to worry about any harsh chemicals damaging your skin. It's a great product that provides long-lasting results without compromising on safety or comfort.

Ollie Leung
Highly recommend it!

An excellent product that helps keep embarrassing sweat beads at bay while providing a natural finish. Try it!

Faith Bertram
Duradry Sweat-delaying Rice Paper

It gives my face a mattifying effect that lasts for hours, so I don't have to worry about getting shiny or sweaty in the middle of the day. It's lightweight and easy to apply, and it has such a delicate scent that it almost feels like I'm wearing nothing at all. Best of all, it keeps me feeling fresh and comfortable for the whole day!

Riva Kirsch
I am loving this!!!!

This product is designed to protect your face from embarrassing sweat beads and provides a mattifying effect that lasts for hours. Very effective!

Jamie Cerda
Works great in 1st try!

I recently tried out the Duradry Sweat-delaying Rice Paper and I'm so glad I did! It provides an invisible application that is perfect for those days when you want to look your best without making a big fuss. The rice starch and kaolin clay give an all-natural effect, plus it's preservative-free and talc-free!

Gabbi Powell
Worth the money!

Never expected that it would be this good!

Lyse Mendez
I am highly impressed!

The application process is invisible and the product itself is all-natural, consisting of rice starch and kaolin clay. It is also preservative-free and talc-free, making it safe to use on sensitive skin. Moreover, it does not cause any irritation or dryness.

Mira J
I'm very satisfied with this product

It does exactly what it claims to do and more - I especially appreciate the fact that it is natural and safe for daily use. Highly recommend Duradry Sweat-delaying Rice Paper!

Aline Troy
I must say, it's a game changer!

This product helps protect your face from embarrassing sweat beads and provides a mattifying effect that lasts for hours. What makes this even better is the fact that it's an invisible application - no one can tell you've applied it!

Pearl Roes

I was impressed by how effective this product was in keeping my skin looking smooth and dry throughout the day. The results were quite remarkable and I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for an effective way to keep their skin sweat-free!