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Gym & Fitness Gym & Fitness Gym & Fitness
Gym & Fitness Gym & Fitness Gym & Fitness

Gym & Fitness

What it is: six products for complete protection before, during, and after exercising. Comes with a premium neoprene bag!

• Prevents and neutralizes unwanted odors.
• Full chaffing protection.
• Endorsed by dermatologists.
• Formulated with natural ingredients.

• One (1) antiperspirant stick.
• One (1) body cleansing and deodorizing wipes.
• One (1) body deodorant spray.
• One (1) deep cleansing wash 2.5oz
• One (1) body powder.
• One (1) neoprene cosmetic bag.

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Any Questions?
Dr. Dry, our sweat-busting expert, will answer any questions you have
Why do you recommend a bundle instead of single products?
Because taking firm and determined action against the problem will give you quicker and more visible results.
What's the role of each product in this bundle?
You love exercising, going to the gym, or doing yoga. You take hygiene as seriously as your fitness goals. Apply Duradry Antiperspirant Stick to keep your underarms dry and smelling great. Use Duradry Body Deodorant Spray before leaving the house or going to the gym; this unscented natural deodorizer neutralizes odor-causing bacteria to keep you odor-free. Do your thing and shower with Duradry Deep Cleansing Wash to remove all the sweat, gunk, excess oil, and odor-causing bacteria. Use the opportunity to sprinkle a bit of Duradry Body Powder here, there, and there, too! It'll absorb excess moisture, keep you fresh and chafe-free, and provide that clean sensation we all love when leaving the gym. If you have no time to shower, use Duradry Cleansing and Deodorizing Wipes for instant body deodorization. Lastly, we included a well-made neoprene cosmetic bag for all your essentials.
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