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Duradry vs. Native

Duradry pairs natural and sustainable ingredients with the most effective clinical ones to keep you fresh and dry all day.

Stop Embarrassing Sweat

Don't let sweat control your day. While some deodorants, like Native, may offer temporary odor masking, they don't provide sweat protection. This is where Duradry excels. Duradry is made with the cleanest yet most effective ingredients to shield you from sweat, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable all day.

Applies dry and stays dry

Say goodbye to the discomfort of sticky deodorants. A few minutes after applying Native, you get that perma-moist situation under your arms. Duradry's smooth, solid stick glides effortlessly, leaving no stickiness, only a sense of comfort and lasting dryness.

Long Lasting Freshness

Native offers some good fragrances, but people complain they vanish in 2 hours. Duradry guarantees freshness that lasts throughout your day.

What are you waiting for
If you're tired of feeling embarrassed or self-conscious about heavy sweating or B.O., try Duradry today!

Our products are formulated for extra protection against sweat stains and odor.
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