When it comes to body odor, you may be wondering if you have a cannabis odor. If so, you're not alone. About 50% of people have some type of cannabis odor on their bodies. But what's behind the smell? There are several factors that need to be considered.

Stinky sweat

Researchers have identified the compounds responsible for stinky sweat's pungent smell. The compounds are called terpenes and are found in plants, herbs, and fruits. In the other hand, Scientists analyzed cannabis flowers to determine the chemical components responsible for the pungent odor, using two-dimensional gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, and flame ionization detection to analyze cannabis. Researchers discovered that cannabis contains three methyl-2-butene-1-thiol, which is responsible for the smell. 

Terpenes are produced by cannabis plants to help them survive by attracting pollinators and repelling predators. They also provide plants with the pathogen resistance. While cannabis contains hundreds of chemical compounds, only a handful are considered the source of skunky smell. Researchers have discovered that the odor of cannabis comes from seven main classes of chemicals.

The smell of marijuana has been demonized for centuries. Many people associate the smell of cannabis with a sprayed-out disaster. The odor is incredibly pungent and has no pleasant olfactory association. Some people even describe it as the smell of rotten eggs, burnt rubber, or farts. 

Cannabis flowers are made up of over 100 terpenes, but the most common one is myrcene. This compound contributes up to half of cannabis' aroma. This particular terpene contributes to the pungent odor of cannabis. 

Compound in Weed and Human sweat

Cannabis has a smell that makes non-users sick, and a recent study has identified the chemical components responsible. Researchers identified hundreds of organic molecules that contribute to the smell of marijuana, including a new family of compounds known as volatile sulfur compounds. These compounds are similar to sulfur compounds found in garlic and allium plants.

The compound in weed and human sweat smells similar because they contain similar terpene profiles. A combination of these compounds creates a smell that resembles cannabis. 

The compound that makes weed smell pungent is myrcene. As myrcene concentration increases in weed, the odor is stronger. The smell in weed is most pronounced on older plants. 

Terpenes are present in sweat

Humans produce body odor when they exercise or engage in stressful situations. This is because terpenes can be stored in our fat cells and released during exercise or stress. The cannabis-smell that comes from body odor is attributed to these compounds.

There are many reasons why body odor smells like cannabis. A study by Dr. Matam Shelomi found that cannabis and human sweat have a similar smell. She found that 230 compounds were found in both marijuana and human sweat and 11 were found to be identical to each other. In addition, many of the compounds found in cannabis are similar to the scent of gym socks.

Terpenes play a vital role in the overall health of plants. They may even be beneficial for humans. Researchers are continuing to study the potential therapeutic properties of terpenes. There are many sources of terpenes that have many uses in our daily lives. 

Terpenes have many uses in traditional and modern medicine. For example, terpenes are used to fight a wide range of infectious diseases. Furthermore, they are used as anti-dementia drugs. Moreover, they enhance cholinergic activity and inhibit cholinesterase.