We recently ran multiple surveys on people who sweat too easily. These are people who suffer from hyperhidrosis, a medical condition in which a person oversweats. While hyperhidrosis is not the only explanation if you’re sweating too easily, it is definitely one of the most common.

The latest numbers show roughly 5% of Americans — that’s over 15 million people in the U.S. alone — are suffering from hyperhidrosis. But the real number is likely much higher, as only 51% of hyperhidrosis sufferers discuss the problem with a healthcare professional.

The results of our survey showed just how invasive excessive sweating can be in a person’s life — dictating what they wear and how they behave around others.

  • More than 50% of those surveyed said their sweating problem is constantly on their mind throughout the day. 
  • Nearly 50% have said that excessive sweating negatively affects the quality of their work performance. (They may be less likely to lead a meeting or volunteer to run a presentation.)
  • Over 80% of those surveyed report showering more than twice a day, with nearly 20% saying they shower at least 3 times a day
  • Over 90% of excessive sweaters said they can’t wear the clothes they want to wear. 

If this sounds familiar to you — if you’re someone who focuses on wearing clothes that better hide your sweat stains or you have to pack backup shirts for later in the day; if you’re sweating too easily, so easily that even the slightest bit of exertion can leave you feeling drenched — then you, too, may have hyperhidrosis.

In this post, we discuss what hyperhidrosis is and how to treat it. We also look at other possible reasons you may be over sweating, including dietary choices to underlying medical conditions.

If you have hyperhidrosis and want to find a sustainable long-term solution for it, try Duradry’s 3-step solution that works to stop excessive sweating and keep you dry. You can get started for just $20.

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is the medical name for excessively sweating. 

There are two kinds of hyperhidrosisprimary focal hyperhidrosis and generalized secondary hyperhidrosis.

For this article, we’re focusing on primary focal hyperhidrosis. That’s when you’re excessively sweating out of a specific area, usually the armpits. (Though it can also happen in the hands, the soles of the feet, the lower back, and the forehead). 

Excessively sweating in the armpits is called axillary hyperhidrosis and it leads to pit stains, ruined clothes, a lack of confidence, and anxiety.

There is no reason (that we know of yet) as to why primary hyperhidrosis occurs. Those who have it, simply have it. 

The condition can be embarrassing and isolating. No one likes to sweat. Worst of all, if you’re dealing with hyperhidrosis, you’ve probably discovered that conventional, over-the-counter antiperspirants just don’t work.

Why Conventional Antiperspirants Don’t Work

Per FDA regulations, a topical product needs to use aluminum-based ingredients to be considered an antiperspirant. It’s the aluminum salts that turn into a plug when they encounter perspiration that makes them effective as an antiperspirant. 

The problem is the aluminum compounds used in conventional antiperspirants are not designed to handle the amount of sweat an excessive sweater can produce. It’s a bit like fighting a leaky faucet with Elmer’s crafting glue.

Sometimes over-the-counter brands will release a “clinical strength” or “prescription strength” line of the same product. But when they do this, they’re simply increasing the concentration of an ineffective ingredient. This is a bit like just increasing the amount of Elmer’s glue on the leaky pipe — it didn’t work before, and it won’t work now. 

If you’re trying to plug a water leak, the answer isn’t more of what isn’t working. An answer is a different approach with different, more effective ingredients. That’s exactly what we did when we made Duradry, our 3-step system for helping excessive sweaters get their hyperhidrosis under control. 

Below, we go into the treatments I tried before making Duradry and then provide a step-by-step explanation of what Duradry is and how it works. 

How to Treat Hyperhidrosis Safely and Effectively

I know just how challenging it can be to live with (and manage) hyperhidrosis. I’ve had hyperhidrosis since I was a teenager. I’ve tried every kind of antiperspirant I could find, including prescription-only antiperspirants. Prescription-only brands did actually work to keep me dry, but they always caused painful side effects, such as blistering and rashing. 

I even got Botox injections in my armpits. This painful treatment (it takes about 50 needle shots per underarm) is also expensive, costing around $3,000 per session. Plus, you need to get another round of injections every 3-6 months. It worked to stop sweating, but it was a short-term and expensive solution. 

I wanted an affordable and pain-free way to treat my hyperhidrosis. 

After looking at the science behind why topical antiperspirant solutions don’t work, I made my own — Duradry’s 3-Step system

97% of our customers who use the 3-step system report full dryness within one week.

How Duradry’s 3-Step System Works

The key to Duradry is the right ingredients at the right concentration.

  • You start by applying Duradry PM before you go to bed, 2-3x per week.
    Duradry PM uses a 15% concentration of Aluminum Chloride. That’s low enough that you don’t need a prescription for Duradry but strong enough that research shows it's just as effective a 20% concentration, which is what is found in prescription-only brands, like Drysol. By using 15% Aluminum Chloride, you get the benefits (dry underarms) without the adverse side effects or pain of getting a doctor’s note.

    Duradry PM also has Salicylic Acid, an exfoliant that clears away dead skin, reducing the risk of skin irritation or inflammation.  
  • When you shower, use Duradry Wash to clean your underarms.
    Oils and residues from soaps and deodorants can actually get left behind in your pores. This makes it difficult for your antiperspirant to do its job because it’s not coming into full contact with your skin.

    Duradry Wash is designed to thoroughly clean your pores — so the ingredients in our antiperspirants can better reach your sweat ducts, plugging them more effectively to help keep you dry.
  • Finally, use Duradry AM at the start of each day.
    Duradry AM is our daily antiperspirant-deodorant. It comes in a pleasant, gender-neutral scent. It uses Aluminum Zirconium Trichlorohydrex Gly, which is an FDA-approved aluminum compound for treating sweating.

    Duradry AM works as an extra layer of protection — that helps support Duradry PM — keeping you fresh and dry throughout the day.

Other Reasons Why You May Be Sweating Too Easily

Hyperhidrosis isn’t the only reason why you may be sweating too easily and too often. 

If your sweating is a new condition or if you’re experiencing additional symptoms (such as aches, pains, and fever), then it might be in your best interest to make an appointment with a healthcare professional. 

For example, here are just some of the other reasons why you may be over sweating:

  • Menopause (or other hormonal changes): When women go through menopause, they can experience hot flashes and night sweats. This is when their internal body temperature heats up, so their body sweats to cool them down. 
  • Hypoglycemia: Hypoglycemia can lead to increased sweating because when your body notices its low blood sugar levels, it creates adrenaline.
  • HyperthyroidismAn overactive thyroid can lead to excessive sweating because when your thyroid gland makes more hormones than necessary, your internal temperature increases. As a result, your body sweats to try and cool you down.

Final Thoughts: Understanding (and Treating) Your Sweating Problem

There are several factors that can cause you to sweat excessively — from a diet of spicy foods to changes in your hormones. But plenty of people simply just have overactive sweat glands that produce excessive levels of sweat. 

Excess sweating can be alienating, negatively affecting your quality of life. But the good news is that there’s a highly effective treatment that you can start using today (without a trip to the dermatologist).

If you’re ready to start managing your sweating problem and take back control of your life, then try Duradry’s 3-step solution. By combining the right ingredients (at the right concentration), Duradry can keep your arms dry, without drying out your skin. Get started for just $20.