Deodorant doesn't care if you're male or female.

Whether the packaging is pink or black or blue is just a marketing strategy. The same active ingredient is present in equal amounts in products for men and women. Only the packaging and the fragrance is what differentiates them.

Actually, that's how consumers prefer it. Note that unisex deodorants make up only 10% of the market, because usually women look for deodorants with more floral aromas and men with stronger fragrances.

The armpits have an inherent odor that is totally normal due to the apocrine and eccrine glands. The armpits of everyone- men and women- smell different thanks to genetics, hormones, diet and other factors. However, the active ingredients used in the preparation of deodorants for both men and women is the same. So choosing which deodorant to buy is simply a matter of taste. Deodorant is deodorant and works the same way for both genders.

Are deodorant or antiperspirant the same for men and women?

Deodorant is different from antiperspirant. However, deodorants that include antiperspirants are available on the market, as is the case with Duradry.
The main function of deodorant is to help smell good and for this reason it usually has a fragrance. Most are effective for about 12 hours, but they do not prevent sweating and are not advisable for those with very strong body odor or hyperhidrosis.

Antiperspirant, on the other hand, controls and decreases sweat secretion by preventing odor with a longer-lasting effect. This is possible, since its active ingredients are able to block the ducts of the sweat glands so that sweat does not come out through the skin.

duradry deodorant and antiperspirant for men and women

There are those who think that deodorant or antiperspirant for men is stronger and achieves better results than products for ladies, however, as in deodorants the active ingredients in antiperspirants are the same. For this reason the effect and duration is equally satisfactory in both genders.

Specifically Duradry is a brand designed to work efficiently regardless of the gender of the user, that is why we do not catalog the products as "man" or "woman". Among the fragrances you can find in Duradry deodorant and antiperspirant are: Aqua Marine & Flowers, Leafy Green & Light Vanilla, Leather & Sandalwood, Grapefruit & Sweet Musk.

Can women use men's deodorants?

Yes, of course! There's nothing wrong with using a men's deodorant. The only difference, as we explained it , is that the fragrances used are different. 

It is the same as with any perfume. Those designed for ladies, have softer, floral or citrus aromas while perfumes for men are stronger, robust, and woody.

This difference and the reason why each person chooses a fragrance is due to the way in how they perceives smells.

Women are more sensitive to a man's odor than men are to a woman's, making them more likely to sniff out information about a potential mate. In the other hand, the MHC gene is important for a man's sexual attraction and reproductive success, and it also affects how a woman smells.

And... Can men use women's deodorants?

Technically yes, but if you are looking to be attractive to the opposite sex, it is best to use a deodorant with men's fragrances.

In a study conducted by the University of Stirling in the United Kingdom, it was concluded that people who use deodorant are perceived as more masculine, for the simple fact of using a deodorant, so my personal recommendation is that mens should look for a masculine aroma.

The researchers had the participation of 130 volunteers who showed photographs of 20 men and 20 women to whom they had to evaluate respectively their level of femininity and masculinity as perceived by each one. In addition, another group with 239 participants was asked to rate the masculinity or femininity of 40 odor samples – with and without deodorant – that corresponded to the people in the photographs of the first group.

The results of the experiment revealed that men who were rated by women as less masculine in the photographs were also rated as such if they did not carry deodorant.

However, their level of masculinity increased in the odor experiment when the samples contained body odor with deodorant.

"Only those men who were rated low masculinity at baseline showed a significant increase after applying their deodorant; And men who were highly masculine initially showed no increase after deodorant application. This means that men are able to use deodorant to artificially raise their chances" explains Caroline Allen, leader of the study.

As for women, there was no change in the level of femininity perceived with or without deodorant, so it shows that women are more sensitive to odor signals than men.