Sweating is a natural human function. It cools your body and helps you regulate your temperature. When you sweat, your body is responding a spike in its internal temperature caused by weather or situations that trigger emotions like stress, anxiety, or nervousness.

During a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology in 2016, researchers found that armpit hair serves two important functions. First, it acts as a natural buffer, which eases the friction during heavy labor. Second, it acts as a launch pad for pheromones, which are released by sweat glands.

Why we sweat in the armpits?

Production of sweat is overseen by eccrine and apoccrine glands and both are present in the armpits, so sweat is first produced in the armpits before the rest of your body. What’s more, your underarms are a great breeding ground for bacteria. While you may not be able to avoid sweating in these areas, you can minimize the effects of armpit sweat.

There are several causes of excessive sweating in the armpits. It can be stress or anxiety related, but also can be triggered by certain foods. These include meat, spicy foods, and processed foods. Alcohol and caffeine can also trigger excessive sweating. In some cases, the cause is a medical condition known as Frey's Syndrome or hyperhidrosis. If you suspect you have some of those conditions, you should see your doctor to determine the best treatment. The specialist can determine whether you are experiencing a health problem or just a social embarrassment.

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Sweat in the armpits is a thick fluid, which contains water, proteins, and fats. Your sweat hasn´t odor, but the bacteria living on the surface of your skin eat it and release smelly molecules.

Should men shave their armpits to reduce sweat?

According to the above explanation of why we sweat in the armpits, the answer would be no. A hairy armpit does not cause more sweating but helps to maintain moisture for longer making the situation more uncomfortable than it is.

Some men find their armpits hairs attractive, and they choose to keep it.  After all, armpit hair is a genetic legacy from the primate era, and a strong scent attracts a mate. Shaving your armpits or not is entirely your choice, but It's a good idea to keep your body clean and hygienic, and a clean and shaved armpit will also impress a lady.

It is not necessary to shave your armpits every day, but shaving them at least once a week can improve their appearance and reduce the buildup of bacteria that can cause odor created by trapped sweat. While shaving your armpits will decrease the smell, it won't stop sweating.

A survey conducted in 2019 by Men's Health shows that 68% of men agree that men should shave their armpits. This means that men are finally catching on to the benefits of the practice. Not only will shave your armpits help you look better, but it will also reduce the risk of body odor and sweating. 

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Freeing your body of armpit hair allows antiperspirants to penetrate your skin better, stopping the sweat glands in your armpits from activating. By shaving your armpit hair, you can also reduce and prevent embarrassing sweat stains. Besides that, you'll also get rid of an unpleasant body odor. The thinner hair will also allow your sweat to evaporate more easily, which will keep your body cooler and odor-free.

Women with hairy armpit

While men are accepting the idea of shaving their armpits, some women are choosing to let their hairy armpit be free. What it seems that these women do not know is that leaving the hairy armpit is antihygienic and also contributes to bad body odor.

Armpit hair makes difficult for cleansing products to penetrate the skin, also contributes to trap bacteria in that area.

While shaving the armpits won't make you sweat less, it can help reduce the appearance of sweat stains and body odor. It can also improve the effectiveness of antiperspirants. Having hairy armpits plugs up sweat glands, making them less effective. 

If you feel comfortable with having hairy armpits, try to shave them to feel the real freshness. If you don't like the idea of razor regularly because the rashes,  you can also try laser or use an electric clipper to trim the hair on your armpits. Electric clippers are convenient, and they will help reduce the amount of time you spend on shaving. You can also buy a shaving cream or gel that lubricates the armpits. Using shaving cream or gel will help you to avoid nicks and rashes.

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How to shave your armpits?

There are many benefits to shaving armpit hair, including less moisture and body odor. The lack of hair also enables antiperspirants to penetrate the skin and effectively prevent the sweat glands in the armpits from activating. 

Before shaving your armpits, be sure to exfoliate thoroughly. This helps the blade glides smoothly over the skin and reduces the risk of accidental nicks. Then, use a shaving gel or cream to condition the hair. A quality razor is essential for this task, as the hair grows in all directions.

If you still sweat a lot, although you remove your armpits hair, consider using a deodorant and antitranspirant like Duradry, the #1 solution recommenden by dermatologysts to keep your armpits dry and fresh. It will also help you prevent chafing, as moisture will go away.

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