Aluminum is the third most common element in the Earth. It is naturally present in drinking water, fruits, vegetables, cereals and meat. Therefore, we absorb aluminum through our daily diet. Most of the aluminum we consume is eliminated through our kidneys. Still, many people worry that aluminum from antiperspirants may be absorbed through the skin and may raise aluminum levels in our bodies. 

Two studies conducted with human volunteers examined the ability of aluminum clorohydrate to penetrate through the skin, and both studies consistently showed that only 0.01 percent of the amount of aluminum applied penetrated the body. Therefore, the use of an antiperspirant under normal conditions of use can be considered safe. 

In addition, the moment aluminum chlorohydrate comes into contact with sweat, it becomes aluminum hydroxide, a solid and insoluble substance that cannot penetrate the skin barrier and enter our body. Even if antiperspirant is applied directly after shaving, the skin will not absorb higher levels of aluminum. 

However, you may experience a slight burning sensation, as many antiperspirants also contain alcohol in their composition, so it's best to wait a bit before applying it.

There are two popular types of aluminium with which antiperspirants are manufactured. Let's see what each of them is like and what their differences are.

Aluminum chlorohydrate

Aluminum chlorohydrate is a simple form of a group of aluminum-based salts (FDA-recognized) that can be used to reduce armpit moisture in antiperspirant products. Aluminum chlorohydrate is also widely used in water purification to remove dissolved organic matter. Aluminum is the third most abundant element in the Earth, after oxygen and silicon.

Aluminum chlorohydrate is one of 18 aluminum-based active ingredients approved by the Food and Drug Association for use in over-the-counter antiperspirant products for the armpits. Aluminum chlorohydrate acts by forming a temporary plug inside the sweat duct that helps reduce the flow of sweat to the surface of the skin. While aluminum hydrochloride reduces the amount of sweat on the surface of the skin, this ingredient also creates a skin environment that is hostile to the growth of foul-smelling bacteria to help reduce underarm odor.

What is aluminum zirconium?

Aluminum zirconium is an inorganic compound that has atoms of aluminum, zirconium, oxygen, hydrogen, and chlorine. It is also called tetrachlorohydrex glycerol of aluminum and zirconium. This substance is important as an antiperspirant in different deodorant products. This compound can clog the pores of the skin and prevent sweat from leaving the body.The anhydrous form of aluminum zirconium can also absorb moisture.

Anhydrous aluminum zirconium works by diffusing into the sweat gland, where it forms a colloidal plug that can limit the flow of sweat onto the skin. Gradually, this colloidal plug breaks down and normal sweating resumes after a while. 

aluminum zirconium

What are the differences between Aluminum Chlorhydrate and aluminum Zirconium?

There are 18 aluminum-based salts recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to reduce armpit moisture. Among them are various forms of aluminum-based salts, such as aluminum chloride, aluminum hydrochloride, and zirconium aluminum salts. Among these options, aluminum chloride is the simplest form, but its inherent acidity means it can be harmful to many tissues and some may find it irritating to the armpit. Aluminum chlorohydrate is the simplest salt that does not damage tissues and is usually well tolerated by the skin. There are a number of more complex aluminum hydrochloride salts, as well as aluminum-zirconium salts.

The key difference between aluminium chlorohydrate and aluminium zirconium is that aluminium chlorohydrate is comparatively less effective as an antiperspirant, whereas aluminium zirconium is more effective as an antiperspirant.

For over-the-counter products, the maximum amount of aluminum chlorhydrate and  aluminium zirconium, allowed in an antiperspirant is in concentrations of up to 20%. 

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