It is not uncommon for people to walk through their front door drenched in sweat. In most cases, however, this is because they're coming back from a jog. If you experience excessive sweating that isn't always due to physical exertion, you could face anything from social to employment issues. Most who deal with excessive sweating try just about everything to stay dry. If you just can't seem to make the sweating stop, though, you could be facing one of the following issues.

1. You're Smoking

If you're a smoker, you likely already know the risks to your heart, lungs, and health in general. What most people don't realize, though, is that smoking can also cause excessive sweating. Acetylcholine is a chemical in your body that causes your sweat glands to react. As it turns out, nicotine can send this process into hyperdrive.

If your excessive sweating is related to smoking, there's very little that typical antiperspirants will accomplish. Take a few days away from the pack and see if things get better, and if you can't stop, try a stronger product.

2. You Suffer from Hyperhidrosis

If your excessive sweating isn't brought on by physical exertion, smoking, or other triggers, you may suffer from a condition known as hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis simply means that your body sweats more than normal, and this can be caused by a variety of medical conditions.

Most causes of hyperhidrosis are relatively minor, but this isn't likely to ease your mind if your shirts are still permanently stained. Fortunately, hyperhidrosis products like Duradry can help. Regardless of the reason behind your sweating, the active ingredient in these types of products can reduce sweating.

3. Medications Causing Sweating

Watching a commercial for new prescription medications is often scarier than the disease they treat. Honestly, who wants to take a chance at liver disease just to fix a receding hairline? While not quite as serious as these commercials, there are also a variety of medications that can cause excessive sweating.

Do you take medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, or depression? Some of these medicines can cause your body to heat up, and we all know what happens when this occurs. If you think your excessive sweating is related to your medication, start using hyperhidrosis products and ask your doctor about switching prescriptions.

4. You Might Be Pregnant

If you're a gentleman suffering from excessive sweating, you can probably skip this one. If you're a lady at reproductive age whose excessive sweating only recently began, however, you may have a bun in the oven. Your blood flow will increase during pregnancy thanks to changes in hormone levels, and this can quickly raise your temperature. While hyperhidrosis products can help with your excessive sweating in this situation, you should still probably check in with your doctor about the pregnancy!

5. You're Using a Deodorant

If you talk to a tech person about your computer screen is dark, the very first question they'll ask is whether the power is on. This seems obvious, but many people are left embarrassed when they realize they never hit the POWER button. Excessive sweating with deodorant is a little like this.

Underarm odor is caused when bacteria mixes with your sweat, and the deodorant works to kill these bacteria. It doesn't, however, do much in the sweating department. If you're using a deodorant rather than an antiperspirant, it's no wonder your sweating hasn't ceased.

Of course, this is focused mainly on underarm sweat, so if your sweating occurs elsewhere, other issues may be more pertinent.

6. Check Your Diet

As it turns out, your excessive sweating could also be caused by the foods that you enjoy. If your sweat smells like rotting food, you may suffer from trimethylaminuria. This condition prevents your body from properly digesting fish, eggs, and other foods. Of course, this can occur even if you sweat normally.

For excessive sweating, you may want to consider cutting out spicy foods. If your sweating problems only occur after eating these foods, it's likely that your body is responding normally. This can occur even if your tongue is a champ at handling the hottest of meals. Just because your taste buds can take on the heat doesn't mean that your body enjoys it.

7. You Can't Stop Emotion

Your diet, medications, and smoking habits are all easily changed, but it's pretty difficult to consistently control your emotions. Unfortunately, strong feelings of stress, love, or nervousness can result in increased sweat production. Who in this world hasn't wished that their palms wouldn't get so sweaty when holding their crush's hand?

In these instances, it's all about finding the right product to stop your body from overreacting. Your mind might be going a million miles per minute over the prospect of asking someone on a date, but that doesn't mean that your sweat glands have to follow suit.

Whether it's hyperhidrosis or simply an issue with your diet, excessive sweating can turn into a real problem. Fortunately, it's not a problem without a solution. By utilizing a product like Duradry and making the appropriate lifestyle changes, there's a good chance you can reduce your sweating and start saving your shirts from permanent stains. Because honestly, who wants to replace their wardrobe monthly?