Sweating. It's something all humans do, but some people perspire a lot more than others. Every individual also has their own individual body odor. If you've been wondering how the amount you sweat compares to other people's perspiration, or how potential partners rate you based on your body odor, look no further. These four sweat-related statistics can provide you with all the knowledge you need.

1. Sweat is More Embarrassing Than Acne

Statistics show that 60 percent of adults in the United States would be embarrassed by the presence of sweat marks around their armpits. Almost as many, 58 percent, find their sweat stains more embarrassing than other characteristics they dislike about themselves, such as acne or obesity.

2. Body Odor Improves As You Age

Wrinkles and white hair may turn off some people, but older people have one major advantage in the dating pool. A study published in 2012 asked 41 young people to smell body odor samples from people of various ages and rate their intensity and pleasantness. The study participants rated samples from people aged 75 to 95 as less intense and less unpleasant than the body odors of younger people.

3. About 5 in 100 People Sweat Excessively

Experts estimate that roughly five out of every 100 people suffer from hyperhidrosis, which is the medical name for excessive sweating. Many of these people have not consulted a doctor, possibly due to embarrassment. Both men and women suffer from hyperhidrosis, which is most common among working-age adults between 25 and 64. To be specific, the age group which suffers most from hyperhidrosis are adults aged between 35 and 44, although people in their 20s, late 40s, and early 50s are also commonly affected.

4. Cosmetics Can Help You Smell More Attractive

Covering up body odor with deodorant may not completely resolve the problem of excessive sweating, but studies suggest that scented cosmetic products can help to some extent. Study participants rated people who were wearing scented cosmetics as smelling better than those who were not, even if both groups had equally strong-smelling body odor. Of course, the best approach is to use antiperspirant products, which not only cover up body odor but also reduce the amount of sweat your body produces.