Here are 10 easy hacks for cooling your  body in the hottest days of the year. No matter if you usually sweat profusely or not, your sweat glands will be super active during summer, so take action and don´t miss the fun of this amazing days.

1. Hydrate 

You should take at least 2 Lts. of liquids during a day. By keeping yourself hydrated, you’ll be able to cool off as you sweat and make other vital bodily functions as easy as possible.

glass of water

2. Skip Happy Hour

Alcoholic beverages might actually leave you feeling dehydrated (and thus warmer) than you were before. According to the CDC, “these actually cause you to lose more body fluid.” And unfortunately, the same goes for very sugary drinks, too. On hot days, treat water like your lifeline.

If you’re vulnerable to excessive sweating, alcohol is not your buddy. Any time you drink , you’ll notice that your skin takes on a pink colored glow.That’s for the reason that alcohol widens the bloodstream underneath your epidermis , causing them to look pinker. It also boosts your body temperature, leading you to sweat more.

happy hour

3. Avoid Direct Sun Exposure in Hottest hours

The sun causes you to hot, so staying away from it makes you sweat less. Yet people still step out into the midday sun where they immediately dehydrate and turn out dipping their clothing. Be wise and keep away from the hottest areas of the day. “Try to limit your outdoor activity to when it’s coolest, like morning and evening hours,” the CDC recommends.

sun exposure

4. Make wiser apparel selections

Get rid of form-fitting choices and opt for light-coloured , loose-fitting , breathable garments with great air flow. White tees are a summer staple, but they actually might be key to cooling down on hot days. Lightweigh clothes absorbs less heat and allows air to reach your skin. You’ll stay comfy and beat the heat better.

sleeveless white dress

5. Eat smarter

Avoid hot and heavy meals. Meat, for example, contains lots of protein, which takes more work for your body to digest (raising your temperature as a result). Hot and spicy meals also cause what is called‘gustatory sweating’ , that causes the face to sweat . It’s believed to be a side-effect of salivating and designed to cool your skin. 

Switch to a plant-based approach by placing veggies at the center of your plate. Try to eat cooler foods too, including chilled soups and salads.

salad bowl

6. Calm Down and Relax

It’s not just the sun that can turn you into a sweaty heap; anxiety also triggers sweating . Make time to relax, you should prioritize your own needs. Try low-energy activities like reading or watching TV. If you need to do something strenuous, especially outside, go for cooler early-morning hours. Make sure that you listen to your body and don’t be afraid to stop if you need a break.

reading a book

7. Take a cold shower

A cold shower or bath is one of the most direct ways to cool off during the summer—and it works like a charm. Cold water will help lower your internal temperature. The water doesn’t have to be ice cold—justcooler than it would be normally.

cold shower

8. Reduce caffeine

Keep in mind that coffee is a stimulant , which hits the nervous system into life and enhances the volume you sweat.


9. Get prompt action to cool you down

Cool down when you feel yourself sweat.Taking a cold bath or fanning yourself to get your temperature down several degrees, will help.


10. Keep armpits dry by using a clinical strength deodorant & antiperspirant

Prepare yourself a simple and highly effective approach to give your armpits an extra protection in hot weather. The most efective hack is to use Duradry deodorant and antiperspirant. Its specific formula is designed to help you keep dry all day long.

duradry antiperspirant