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Duradry vs. Carpe

Duradry pairs natural and sustainable ingredients with the most effective clinical ones to keep you fresh and dry all day.

Superior Sweat Protection

Duradry's antiperspirant sticks are 50% more effective than Carpe's. This is thanks to our enhanced active ingredients used at higher concentrations for maximum dryness.

Gentle on Skin, Tough on Sweat

Wave goodbye to stickiness. Unlike Carpe's lotion, which often leaves an unpleasant, sticky residue, Duradry offers a smooth, solid stick application that's completely non-sticky. Experience comfort and dryness, all in one.

Clean formula means Silicone-free

Commit to a healthier planet and you. Duradry is silicone-free, avoiding substances like dimethicone, which are harmful to the environment and potentially disruptive to your hormones. Choose the safer, greener option.

Zero Toxic Preservatives

Our unique water-free formula eliminates the need for synthetic preservatives like Phenoxyethanol, used in Carpe's products. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using a product free from toxic preservatives.

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If you're tired of feeling embarrassed or self-conscious about heavy sweating, try Duradry today!

Our products are formulated for extra protection against sweat stains and odor.
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